Dust Cleaning Mud Gel (Pack of 5)


✔ Natural and biodegradable safe to use, smells sweet with refreshing fragrance
✔ Special Smart Formula for removing dust or hard to reach dirt
✔ Fun alternative for kids to willingly keep their keyboard clean
✔ Reusable car detailing tools is a great way to to clean and get rid of undesirable dirt that has never being cleaned
✔ This auto cleaning gel is easy to carry and can be used at any time any where and won’t be sticky to your hands or electronics
✔ The Universal dust removal gel could be used for several times until the color gets dark

Package Includes:
5 x Dust Cleaning Mud

Note: ​
-Do not eat.
-Do not wash with water.
-Keep this product out of the reach of children. -Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry place.
-Replace it if its adhesion is weak or the color turns black.​